System Integration

Network Security


Today many network security threats are spread over the internet. Hacker attacks, Zero-day attacks, Date interception, Spyware, Adware, Virus attacks, Worms and Trojans are some of common threats around the internet. Innologic Technologies security solutions designed to protect the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of your network and data.

Wireless Networks


Any businesses can experience many benefit from a wireless network,including: Convenience, mobility, security, productivity, easy setup and less. Innologic Technologies provide intelligent wireless network solutions that provide connected experience and operational efficiencies. Wireless network solutions helps you to connect people, processes and data while enhanced security and efficiency than ever.

Data Center, Virtualization & Cloud

Our data centre solutions provide operational simplicity and business agility to your businesses. Innologic Technologies used state of the art products and technologies to unifying compute, networking, storage, virtualization and management into a single platform.
Server virtualization enabling a more cost-efficient, agile and simplified server environment to your organisation by abstracting the operating system and applications from the physical layer.Our virtualization solutions enable to maximise your physical server efficiency and simplified server environment while reducing the capital and operational cost.

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